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Hair transplants were first achieved in japan 1939 where treatments didn’t treat baldness but was used in the treatment of damaged eyelashes and eyebrows instead, but this research was lost to western medicine for a decade due to Japanese involvement in world war II.

In 1952 dermatologist Dr.Norman Orentreich made a hair transplant on man who suffered from male pattern baldness.In 1959 Orentreich published his theory of “donor dominance” it proved that hair from the back and side of the scalp of a man was highly resistant to baldness. Orentreich used a method that was crude and caused “dolls head effect” where the hair would not look natural and left chubby scars after the procedure was completed, this caused the hair transplant to have a bad reputation which stills affects the field today.

In the late 1980s American surgeon E.Marritt transplanted hair in thin grafts of .8- 1mm in diameter this method was named micro-grafting. In1995-2005 American hair transplant surgeons R.Bernstein and A.Tsilosani developed a method called follicular units transplantation (FUT) which gave the hair a more natural look, minimized follicle loss during the treatment and is now considered the gold standard in hair transplantation today.

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